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Tax Returns

We prepare tax returns from information you provide. Most of our clients like to efile their returns and we provide that service. We prepare corporate, partnership, individual, and trust income tax returns as well as sales tax and use tax returns.

While we welcome clients who need or want our services, we recognize there are individuals who would rather efile self-prepared returns.

Our office has partnered with to provide an affordable option for those who would rather efile a self-prepared Form 1040 and state return.

Note: None of the information on your self-prepared tax returns will be sent to our office. This option is for those who are planning on preparing their own return and would otherwise purchase their own software to file that return.

Our CPA firm will not be considered the preparer of any return filed in this manner. If you find you need professional services for tax preparation, please give us a call at 601-544-8271.

Writeup and Financial Statements

Most of our business clients are small. Some businesses like to work with us on a monthly basis to record deposits and disbursements. In connection with our writeup services, we offer a friendly sounding board for the owners or management. In some cases, we actually visit the clientís place of business and perform a more formal consulting service.

Payroll Processing

Since we prepare quarterly payroll reports for many of our clients on a routine basis, we may be more efficient at preparing these returns than any individual client who only sees some of these forms once a year.

Additionally, we perform live payroll where the client sends us information on hours worked and names of employees, and we compute and run the payroll checks here. Our printouts summarize payroll data as management information. In many cases, this information assists with cash flow decision-making.


Eldercare is the name given to a variety of services, including assisting with record-keeping for an individualís personal finances. Whether itís reconciling the personal bank accounts or coordinating professional services for the aging client, we tailor a program of assistance to allow the client to maintain control during aging by spelling out an acceptable plan on the front-end. In some cases, this plan involves periodic reports to a pre-selected family member who has agreed to monitor financial as well as health issues as age decreases the capabilities of the client.